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What is the best way to train tennis?

After the game, your private coach might point out the flaw or the incorrect movement of the learner but this teaching method is actually not right. The best time for instruction should be the moment student making the mistake, because at that time, the memory of the action is still fresh and can be easily recognized. After the whole game, the memory might blur and they couldn’t remember what their actions were exactly. What’s more, not only the timing of the instruction can affect the learning process, the way how advice was given was equally important.

The responsibility of a professional coach, just like many other good teachers, is to make student think and let them analyze how the mistaken was happening and what the correct action should be.

You might wonder how we can realize the timing and the way to deliver instruction since it is almost impossible for a coach to find the perfect timing to give the instruction every time and there is not enough time for the students, especially beginners to think about and analyze every one of their mistake during the lessens. The two points mentioned above are ideal but not practical.

Is it?

With coach T, you have just got yourself a perfect learning experience. Wearing a Bluetooth headset during the game, you can receive the synchronous instruction even without a coach by your side. Though the app of Coach T, you can clear compare your gesture and the standard one. They will be shown by pictures and videos, so it is not difficult for you to find out the difference and then correct your movement.

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