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Tennis Practicing Tips

Thank Vjad Demadara for sharing his experience and story to us. ——Yanni

Recently we met up with a tennis enthusiast from the Philippines, Vjad Demadara, who was first introduced to tennis in 2011 and became a tennis amateur through his own efforts, taking part in many tournaments over the years. He is now teaching the sport he loves to his 6 year-old daughter. While chatting with him, he shared his tennis story and background with us. We were surprised that his tennis achievements and progress were entirely by his own efforts. After hearing his story, we could not wait to share his story and some of the tips and lessons he has learned so far.

—— The following is adapted from his share ——

  • Be patient

I just learned the sport by myself. It can be difficult and incredibly frustrating, but DO NOT GIVE UP. It's important to be patient while learning tennis and while learning on your own, you need to get a little creative. Oftentimes, I would watch YouTube videos online from tennis coaches and professionals on how to improve my strokes.

  • Always challenge yourself

I used to go to the courts alone to hit on the wall and would try to apply the techniques I learned through the YouTube videos. Oftentimes, I would wait for others to ask me if I'd like to play with them, whether singles or doubles, I didn't care... but it allowed me to familiarize myself with playing with others. After playing a bit, I would also ask them what they think I could improve on and if they had any suggestions or tips for me.

  • Properly learn the strokes

Once you learn the basic strokes with the help of a coach, you can still continue learning on your own. Take note of his or her instructions and practice them regularly. Remember that practice makes perfect. Practicing on your own can also save you quite a bit of money, as well.

With the help of Coach T, you can practice by yourself more efficiently since you're able to receive your coach's feedback in real time.

  • Don't be afraid to hit on the wall
Hitting on the wall can be incredibly useful, especially if you don't have anyone to hit with. It's a great way to practice your strokes on your own time. I even learned my double backhand by hitting on the wall.
  • Don't stop practicing
Many tennis players rely on their coach too much. Even if your coach isn't around, continue to practice on your own and fine tune your strokes. Your tennis game will certainly thank you later. To practice, you don't even need to drive to the courts. Instead, you can simply shadow the strokes in your house or outside!
  • Buy quality tennis racquets and equipment
Another suggestion is to purchase quality tennis equipment, whether it be racquets, shoes, outfits, etc. Not only will they last longer, but it can also be seen as an investment. By purchasing more expensive equipment, you're investing in yourself, ultimately motivating yourself to use them more often. I started off with Murray's racquet, but decided to switch to Nadal' s stick. Haha, I've got three of Nadal' s racquets so far...

We are the Coach T team. We are a dedicated team from China looking to bring the power of the latest technology to benefit a sport we all love, tennis. We hope more tennis novices can learn the sport more efficiently with Coach T, and thus feel the charm of tennis. Coach T allows you to practice on your own, while also receiving your coach's feedback and instructions in real-time.

We want to help players of all backgrounds and would love to hear your stories and ideas! Let us all work together for our beloved sport!

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